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British Engines which is based in the North East of England has announced its plan to continue investing in its future. This investment may come as a shock to many as the company have seen their profits fall because of the current situation in the oil and gas market.

In a previous article, we discussed why it was important that engineering companies continue to invest in skilled labour. We established that if cutbacks and redundancies continue there could be a lack of engineers to meet future demand or the industry could develop a poor talent pool. Many companies are making redundancies and cutbacks because of the oil and gas crisis so it is great to see some organisations taking these steps to protect the future talent pool.

Despite the fact that British Engines saw their profits fall by around forty four per cent, the company have confirmed that they will continue to invest in the following ways; research and development, collaborative projects and training projects. This is to ensure future engineers have the appropriate skills and training.

The profits have fallen to thirteen point eight million pounds this year, which is quite a dramatic fall from last year. The company had previously reported profits of nineteen point nine million pounds.

British Engines has a workforce of approximately one thousand people. These employees are distributed across their six businesses which are all located in the North East. The company openly spoke about their decline in profits, they understand that the current oil and gas market is suffering globally and their profits are just another part of that suffering.

But, the company continue to make heavy investments. They have decided to double its investment fund when it comes to research and development. British Engines have agreed to invest four point five million pounds in this area but, that’s not all. The company are also investing a staggering fifteen point five million pounds in capital expenditure.

Instead of making redundancies, which is so often talked about in oil and gas news at the moment, the company have also decided to spend one million pounds on in house apprentice training schemes.

Apprentices are vitally important to British Engines. The company have recently expressed their plan to develop a machine shop for their current and future apprentices. The aim of this development is to help provide the apprentices with a more hands on experience, allowing them to have more career options within the business when their apprenticeship comes to an end.
The business has also heavily invested in a brand new centre of excellence. This will be used for hyperbaric testing which will take place on the River Tyne.

British Engines are also keeping busy by working on the acquisition of Michell Bearings, the organisation are hoping to complete the purchase from Rolls Royce by the end of the year.